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When I make jewelry from metal, I often feel that the material in my hands has a mind of its own. When a piece of metal becomes a piece of jewelry, technology, architecture, and other forms it proves that metal is diverse and changing. Its possibilities and applications are endless. This characteristic is fully demonstrated in the technique, Mokume Gane. The metal ratio, temperature, pressure, and hammering, all factor in to create an unpredictable development of metal, making it a unique billet in the world. When making Mokume metal, I experienced this unpredictability. Every difference brings me different results. This project is meant to celebrate metal’s ever changing possibilities, as each ring is uniquely unpredictable.


Unp II, Ring, Nickel Silver, Copper, cz, 2021


Unp.IV, Ring, Nickel Silver, Copper, cz, 2021

In my Mokume Gane practice, I experienced failures, defects, regrets, and other similar emotions. Because every billet I made is more or less imperfect, maybe it is the edge that melts due to overheating, or it is broken due to infusion. However, it is this imperfection that gives them a unique and unrepeatable personality. These personalities should not be abandoned, rather highlighted. These imperfections are worthy of being cherished, cared for, and loved.


“Masterpiece”, Brooch, Sterling Silver, Nickel Silver, Brass, Stainless steel. 2021


Another Rose, Brooch, Sterling Silver, Nickel Silver, Copper, Stainless steel, Garnet, Plastic. 2021

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