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Growth is a vital word, it brings me a picture full of life, joy, and relaxation. I think everything in the world has its unique vitality. Architecture can be seen as an art that grows from the ground. Topography, landforms, and space bring it personality, and human input brings it to life. Just like how architecture is art from the ground, jewelry is art from the body. Materials and craftsmanship create its personality and expressions, but it is human intervention that injects a soul and power into it. 

Jewelry and architecture both create their own cosmic space, co-existing in a bigger universe. Author Andy Weir wrote in The Egg, “I’m everyone.” Although jewelry and architecture may seem different in many ways, when abstracted back to their origins, they are the same. Because they were the same, these two seemingly different objects can share their cosmic space, and become something even greater. 
In this series, I chose architecture as my source of inspiration. Through decomposition and reconstruction to complete the overlap and break off the space universe, to gain a sense of identity that all beings are one. All starting from the same egg, growing into its own unique universe.

Growth I, Ring, Sterling silver, 2020

Photographer: Xinia Guan

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